Since 1996, Sponsor-A-Scholar has been helping Scholars acquire the academic skills they need to earn high school diplomas and enter college. As of September 2015, 196 students have earned college degrees. Over 150 more are currently working towards college degrees. In addition, there are more than 80 High School Scholars in the program right now.

Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar inspires and empowers promising, underserved students to succeed in high school, college and life.

The number of students accepted into CRSAS each year is limited only by the availability of financial resources. Contributions help deserving students at Albany, Schenectady, and Troy High Schools who are waiting to be part of this unique program.

Our support for Scholars includes weekly homework sessions, paid tutors, graphing calculators, fees for advanced placement courses, SAT preparation and testing, and support for college visits and applications. Our college scholars receive a $750 stipend for each semester of college they complete. After four years of college that is a total of $6000 given directly to the students.

Our success rate of retaining, graduating, and getting participating High School Scholars into higher education is documented at 98%. By helping disadvantaged students flourish academically and supporting them through their college careers, Sponsor-A-Scholar is an important piece of systemic change. You can help make an impact and measurable advances in educational and economic opportunities.

Join us in realizing the vision that all high school students will have access to the services and networks of support they need to succeed in college and pursue the future of their dreams.