Since 1996, CRSAS has been helping students from low-Income families acquire the academic skills they need to earn high school diplomas and enter college. As of June 2013, 156 students have earned college degrees and 152 are currently working on college degrees. A total of 90 more students are in the high school preparatory programs.

The number of students accepted into CRSAS each year is limited only by the availability of financial resources. We need to raise more money in order to serve the deserving students who are waiting to be part of this unique program.

Our current funding needs are presently met by generous donors, private foundations and local businesses. Every dollar raised by the duck adoptions will go directly to the educational support of students at Albany, Schenectady and Troy High Schools.

Support includes weekly homework sessions, paid tutors, graphing calculators, fees for advanced placement courses, SAT preparation and testing, and for college visits and applications. Our college scholars receive a $750 stipend for each completed semester. After four years of college that is a total of $6000 given directly to the students.

Our mission is “…to assist economically disadvantaged young men and women to graduate from high school and attend college.”

The agency, founded by civic leaders and social entrepreneurs in 1996, currently serves over 400 aspiring scholars from Albany, Schenectady and Troy High Schools. We provide mentors, academic tutoring, and other social interactions for selected students in partnership with the public high schools. These schools, defined as “at-risk”, have a significant student percentage not meeting the minimum competency academic skill levels, based on standardized tests.

Our success rate of retaining, graduating, and getting participating scholars into higher education is documented at 92-96%. Our program is a nationally replicable model of one located in Philadelphia, called Philadelphia Futures. By helping at-risk students flourish academically and tracking their successes through their college careers, we have a program that is ready to take the next step toward systemic social change. We currently have a demonstrated impact and measurable advances in educational and economic opportunities.